Job Interview - Tips and Tricks

Job Interview - Tips and Tricks


So I decided to compile a bunch of fun interview topics of interest and questions. This article is limited to what I know from my job interviews.

So For Those Who Are Looking Forward To Technical Interviews For Software Developer Internships…

Here we go! 😁


General Topics Covered

  • hash maps
  • heaps
  • reverse linked lists
  • arrays vs hash
  • bit manipulation
  • string manipulation

Sample Technical Q’s

  • Write code to test the endianness of a code. Optimitize this code to fit 1 line.
  • Write code to print all the factors of a given number.
  • What is the definition of RAM?
  • What is the keyword volatile used for?
  • When is the autorelease pool flushed?
  • What techniques can be used to design a spam filter?
  • What features should so and so server provide?

Sample Personal Q’s

  • What makes you most interested in this company? (AH DERP)
  • Describe yourself.
  • What is your largest problem with this company or its software?
  • How often do you code?
  • Have you worked on projects outside of class? If so, why?

Questions to Ask Your Interviewer

  • How much of your day do you spend coding?
  • How many meetings do you have every week?
  • How does project planning happen on the team?
  • What is the ratio of software developers to program managers or what is the student to mentor ratio?
    • What is the interaction between them like?
  • Were you ever an intern yourself?