My Top 3 Productivity Apps

My Top 3 Productivity Apps

Every week I find a new reason to love my MacBook Air.

And by MacBook Air, I really just mean the OS X system but the hardware is okay too.

So here are 3 of my favorite power tools that changed how I worked and my average level of productivity on a daily basis.

There are other awesome power apps of course, like

among others - but these 3 are by far my favorite.

1. Automator


Seriously, I’ve done things with this guy in seconds that would take others hours. Automator is a lot like Terminal in terms of power, but with a graphical interface.

Here are 3 examples of Automator workflows that have helped me out significantly.

1. Import Multiple Fonts

You know when you go crazy and you decide you want to get all these fonts for a creative project you’re working on and so now you have about 100 different fonts in your Downloads folder?

And then you even start to click on them one by one to import them to your Font Book…

Say no more! Automator to the rescue!

Import Fonts

2. PDF To Images

You know when you have a PDF file and need all the pages to be images so you can upload them to some website that only accepts images - like Behance?

So now you have this 20 page PDF file and you start to export each page to a png file one by one…

Say no more! Automator to the rescue!

PDF To Images

3. Rename Multiple Photos

Okay, this one’s pretty obvious.

You know when you have a ton of cool wallpapers you just downloaded and they’re all named something crappy like 1250x1280 or something?

So now you have 30+ wallpaper images in your Downloads folder and because you’re OCD, you start to rename each image one by one to an appropriate title like Wallpaper - 1

Say no more! Automator to the rescue!

Rename Multiple Photos

2. Alfred


Oh, Alfred, where would I be without you?

You’re prettier than LaunchBar and 10 times more powerful than Spotlight.

If you were a person, I know you’d be my gay best friend.

Definitely not a haiku there, but man - just goes to show how much I depend on the damn bowler hat.

3. BetterSnapTool


I was so slow moving windows around before this app, so once I transitioned to fast resizing, my whole workflow sped up significantly. People wonder how I get things done so fast… BetterSnapTool is part of the reason.

Only good things can be said about this app, seriously.

And that’s it! Check out my post, What I Use for more awesome apps!