Reset Your Launchpad with Sorty πŸ”„

Reset Your Launchpad with Sorty πŸ”„

Reset Your Launchpad 1

Reset Your Launchpad on Yosemite

Terminal? No.

Sorty? Yes.

Sorty for OS X


Sorty can easily reset your Launchpad items to default and remove duplicate entries in the β€˜Open With’ menu.

This application has an easy to use and intuitive interface, with only two buttons: reset launchpad and remove duplicates in the β€˜Open With’ menu.


You know, I just don’t think this app is getting enough recognition.

I see so many Launchpads that are disorganized and cluttered.

Thank goodness this dude did something about it!

There are Launchpads that look like this:Calvin C | Launchpad

If only it could go back to its default settings and look pretty again, like the Launchpad below… πŸ˜‰

Launchpad | Pretty

Hah - hey pal, don’t even worry ‘bout it!

Just download Sorty!

Reset Your Launchpad 2

Smile, for goodness sakes!

This app can do wonders for you!

No more manual dragging!

All your worries are over!!

Automate everything!!!

Reset Your Launchpad 3

So go ahead, make your worries go away!

Reset Your Launchpad 4

You downloaded it, right?

Reset Your Launchpad 5

Wait, why didn’t you download it?

Reset Your Launchpad 6

Your chances slowly draining away…

Reset Your Launchpad 7