Sort Detective - Solution

Stuck on that homework assignment involving SortDetective.jar? No need to worry! ☕

Sort Detective - Solution

This tutorial is “certifiably” Mac Friendly. Whoop. 

Files Provided To You 🔗︎

  • SortDetective.jar, which looks something like this:

Sort Detective 1

The purpose of this little HW assignment is to correctly identify the 6 Greek letters (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, & Zeta) with their matching sorting method (selection, insertion, bubble, quick, merge, & heap sort).

Step 1 - Download JD-GUI 🔗︎

Head over to the Java Decompiler page located at and download the ZIP file for the JD-GUI.

Sort Detective 2

Step 2 - Launch JD-GUI 🔗︎

Now that you’ve downloaded the ZIP file, unzip it and launch the application.

Sort Detective 3

Step 3 - Open your SortDetective.jar file using JD-GUI 🔗︎

Sort Detective 4

Step 4 - Find the Formula That Determines The Order 🔗︎

SortDetective.jar determines the sorting method ordering according to your student ID.

It has an array defined with 5 different orders that the sorting methods CAN be placed in. See Line 256 in the SortDetective.class.

Sort Detective 5

Zooming in…

Sort Detective 6

With some minor searches, we find out that the method experimentOrders uses the variable selectedPermutation to determine what array value it will use to determine the order.

Sort Detective 7

This redirects us to the setStudentID() method. So now we’ve figured out the ordering all just depends on the formula the program uses.

Sort Detective 8

Step 5 - Apply Formula To experimentOrders 🔗︎

So, in my case, my student ID is 00319124.

Using the formula, we can determine that the value of selectedPermutation is going to be 2 for me since 319124 / 10 % 5= 2.4 or simply 2 for int. That means that the array value for experimentOrders will be 2, making a match to the order found on Line 7 when zooming in to Line 256 in SortDetective.class.

Remember, arrays are ordered like {0,1,2}. So experimentOrders[2] would be the 3rd value in the array.

Sort Detective 9

There we go! Just like that, I now know for sure that the ordering of the Greek letters for me would go

  • Alpha - Quick Sort
  • Beta - Selection Sort
  • Gamma - Merge Sort
  • Delta - Bubble Sort
  • Epsilon - Insertion Sort
  • Zeta - Heap Sort

Good luck with your HW! 😉️ 🔗︎