80|20 Software Consulting

Front End Developer

80|20 Software Consulting

Employer 🔗ī¸Ž

80|20 Software Consulting

Location 🔗ī¸Ž

Norfolk, VA

Date 🔗ī¸Ž

November 24th, 2015 to February 5th, 2016

About 🔗ī¸Ž

80|20 is a software agency that creates web and mobile applications and provides software consulting solutions for small and mid-sized businesses.

Role 🔗ī¸Ž

Frontend Developer (Part-Time) 🔗ī¸Ž

  • prototyped mobile/web user interfaces for client projects
  • helped develop/design in-house website creation platform using modern web technologies such as HTML/CSS/JS
  • consulted clients on how to improve their Wordpress based websites
  • gained skills in fullstack web development by working with large scale web projects

80|20 Software Consulting