Accenture Liquid Studio - Summer 2016

AR/VR Software Engineering Intern

Accenture Liquid Studio - Summer 2016

Employer 🔗ī¸Ž

Accenture Liquid Studio

Location 🔗ī¸Ž

Redwood City, CA

Formally based out of San Francisco, CA

Date 🔗ī¸Ž

June 1st, 2016 to August 12th, 2016

About 🔗ī¸Ž

The Accenture Liquid Studios are designed for rapid application development. They help companies become built for change through new skills, processes, products and ways of working.

I interned as a wearables developer for Accenture's Liquid Studio in Redwood City, California.

Role 🔗ī¸Ž

AR/VR Software Engineering Intern on Wearables Team 🔗ī¸Ž

  • Aided in managing the wearables hardware and client demos
  • Designed, developed, & tested various AR/VR apps using Unity for enterprise clients
  • Developed Bash scripts to automate APK installations and testing on wearable devices
  • Improved technical skills in Unity, C#, JavaScript, Sketch, Xcode, and Safari for Developers
  • Developed a mobile-first website using Handlebars that showcases device inventory
  • Gained a familiarity with a wide range of wearable devices targeted for enterprise clients including but not limited to HoloLens, Google Glass, Google Tango, Apple Watch, Vuzix, Epson, Moto 360, and Samsung Gea

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