Huge School Application 2017

Video application for Huge Experience Design School 2017.

Huge School Application 2017

There were 2 parts to the interview process - the video and the design challenge.

Application Video 🔗︎

For their Experience Design School every summer, HUGE asks applicants to submit a one minute video showing off why they want to attend in a creative way.

Huge School Application 2017

This is my application for the Huge Experience Design School 2017. FVCproductions 2017. No copyright intended. ... Hey HUGE. My name is Frances Virginia Coronel. Coincidentally, I was in fact born in Virginia. For the past 5 years, I've been focused on becoming a better software developer.

Design Challenge 🔗︎

I was tasked with re-designing the website for TSP….

Redesigned Logos 🔗︎

As part of a redesign assignment for the Huge Experience School program, I redesigned two logos for the TSP website - one horizontal and the other vertical.

Redesigned Website 🔗︎

Thrift Savings Plan | Home

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Video Interview 🔗︎

After those two steps, the next step was a video interview with two employees from HUGE. This is the only part that didn’t go well apparently. Lol.

Lessons Learned 🔗︎

On March 23rd, HUGE rejected me but let me know I was a super strong candidate and yadda yadda.

I think HUGE required a lot of time and effort from their applicants. Also, I felt that because I asked a somewhat controversial question during the interview (is it true that HUGE employees can be very cliquish?), I was flagged as not compatible for their culture.