Email Clients

A quick blurb on the state of email clients I've tried out.

I've always been somewhat obsessed with keeping up with the latest and greatest productivity tools, so naturally I've looked into some email clients.

The solution I ended up going with is Inbox and intentionally abandoning my iCloud email.

The only downside to Inbox is that it's Google accounts only so I can't utilize its power with any other email providers like Outlook or iCloud.

Mail + MailButler 🔗ī¸Ž

  • extended features don't extend to mobile offering
  • also, I have an Android now

Polymail 🔗ī¸Ž

  • star functionality missing?

Canary 🔗ī¸Ž

  • UI not intuitive enough

Spark 🔗ī¸Ž

  • not enough features

Airmail 🔗ī¸Ž

  • too many lists created

Inbox 🔗ī¸Ž

  • love but does not accept multiple clients

Nylas Mail 🔗ī¸Ž

  • love but so damn slow!!
  • cannot setup Exchange account

Postbox 🔗ī¸Ž

  • difficult to setup
  • seeing flagged emails is not as easy to do

Boxy 🔗ī¸Ž

  • web is better and the future