PWA Roadshow

PWA Roadshow


Progressive Web App Roadshow San Francisco 2017


Google Launchpad Space - 301 Howard Street San Francisco, CA - 4th Floor


Sunday, October 22nd - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Participant - I participated this event as part of the Chrome Dev Summit. Registration was super limited so I’m glad I was able to attend.


The Progressive Web App Roadshow is a series of events that explains the what, why and how of PWAs and allows participants to work through some code labs that provides hands-on experience.

What are PWAs?

Progressive Web Apps are experiences that combine the best of the web and the best of apps. They load quickly, even on flaky networks, can re-engage with users by sending web push notifications, have an icon on the home screen and load as top-level, full screen experiences.

Topics Covered





  • Web Push Notifications Library
  • Web Push Notifications
    • Carnival
  • Good Notifications
    • Timely
    • Matters right now
    • Relevant
    • User cares about it
    • Precise
    • Exact details
  • How Push Works
    • Client Side
    • Get permissions to send notifications
    • Subscribe & get PushSubscription
    • Send PushSubscription to server
    • Server Side
    • Create message on server
    • Use Web Push Protocol to send
      • All browsers use Web Push API
    • Push Service delivers message
    • Message arrives on device
    • Browser wakes up service worker
    • Handle push event and shows notification
    • Application security keys
    • public
      • used for subscription
    • private
      • used to send messages
    • Subscribing and unsubscribing
    • Is web push supported?
    • Check subscription status
    • Subscribe to user
      • userVisibleOnly
    • Promoting and permission
      • First ask, then prompt
      • gives options


    • identity
    • confidentiality
    • integrity
  • Man in the middle attacks
  • First get HTTPS then extend to HTTP/2
  • Certificate
  • Referrer Policy


  • Available in Chrome DevTools & as a command line tool.
  • Aim for 90 and above on all metrics
    • PWA
    • Performance
    • Accessibility
    • Best Practices



And I’m pumped!

The Bar

Where I was sitting

Where I was sitting