WOTW at Slack

Got the Win of the Week award from Slack for getting React training set up! πŸŽ‰

WOTW at Slack

Why πŸ”—οΈŽ

I helped setup React training with Michael Jackson, the creator of React Router, at our SF 22 office.


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What πŸ”—οΈŽ

The point of WOTW is to increase visibility of, and to some extent socialize the possibility of, big wins coming from regular, solid, individual efforts on non-herculean scope. Unlike large, heavy launches, these happen pretty often, and are often the result of a single change, not always by a highly visible or well-known individual.

Essentially, this is a venue to recognize work that is:

  1. Technically excellent;
  2. Exemplary of Slack's values;
  3. Modest in scope, less than one engineer-week;
  4. At risk of being under-recognized.

β€œThese criteria are, necessarily, a matter of opinion. Smart, well-intentioned people will disagree about how any collection of work ranks under this rubric. We're proceeding anyway, in the belief that doing something imperfect-yet-directionally-correct is better than failing to do anything for fear of imperfection.”

Update December 8th, 2018

I still have the trophy since it seems a lot of employees didn't actually like how WOTW was given out. I may be the last WOTW awardee at Slack. RIP. ☠️