JSConf EU 2019

JSConf EU is the labour-of-love conference for the JavaScript community in Europe.

🌐 https://2019.jsconf.eu/frances-coronel/being-a-unicorn-working-for-another-unicorn.html

πŸ“’οΈBeing a Unicorn Working for Another Unicorn

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JSConf EU 2019

Image credit to BIPoCiT

Representing Slack and also talking on my journey in the tech industry through JSConf’s brand new BIPoCit Space


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BIPoCiT Organizers and me

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Team - After Party

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Alejandro Gomez on Twitter

@fvcproductions I was touched by your words. I enjoyed your talk at the BIPoCiT in #jsconfeu2019 . Thanks for sharing your story β™₯️

BIPoCiT Space: What Happens When You Disrupt White Tech

If we hadn't written this article, these events would have all been forgotten by now. The three of us, however, would have been (and will be) carrying this with us forever. On May 31, 2019, the first-ever BIPoCiT Space was launched at CSSconf & JSConf EU.

Tatiana Mac on Twitter

Inspired by all the fixing and building by @fvcproductions. We have to forge paths for ourselves so we can look like the image we never got to see. So that other people can see us. Casually crying 😭😭😭 #JSConfEU #BIPOCIT

JSConf EU on Twitter

Alongside the Community Lounge, the BIPoCiT Space is hosting @fvcproductions with "Being a Unicorn Working for Another Unicorn"!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us on this journey. We are committed to creating safer spaces for marginalized folks and are proud to share our story with you (link in bio) ___ #familyphoto #bipocit #bipoc #pocit #poc #capturedbyshaheen

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