Latinx Level Up Program

The Kapor Center is piloting a professional development program for 10 Latinx Leaders. I am in the inaugural cohort.

Latinx Level Up Program

Benefits πŸ”—οΈŽ

  • Summer Retreat
    • Lodging
    • Meals
    • Leadership training
  • Access to LTX
    • VIP Ticket
  • 1:1 Virtual Coaching via Check-ins
  • Option to present at LTX Summit
  • $5,000 Stipend

Requirements πŸ”—οΈŽ

  • Monthly remote check-ins
  • Facilitate one discussion on LTX Mighty Network
  • Author 1-2 blog posts
  • Participation in regular feedback surveys
  • Host at least one Jeffersonian community dinner
  • Employee Resource Group involvement via OurCollective
  • Market LTX Summit
  • Volunteer hours (up to 4hrs)

Cohort πŸ”—οΈŽ

All of them are in the Techqueria Slack Workspace!

Members πŸ”—οΈŽ

  1. Adam Bossy
  2. Andrea Schiller
  3. Annelise Hagar Preciado
  4. Carolina Perez
  5. Diana Marquez-De La Torre
  6. Edgardo Perez
  7. Frances Coronel
  8. Madelyn Tav
  9. Michael Tristan
  10. Michael Urbina

Strive πŸ”—οΈŽ

  1. Christina Villarreal
  2. Joyce Kunishima
  3. Troy Cosey
  4. Will Houghteling

Kapor πŸ”—οΈŽ

  1. Josh Torres
  2. Lili Gangas

Timeline πŸ”—οΈŽ

April 18 πŸ”—οΈŽ

Invited to apply to program

around May 6 πŸ”—οΈŽ

Accepted to program

June 12 πŸ”—οΈŽ

Welcome Dinner at the Kapor Center

Frances Coronel on Twitter

Meet the first #LatinxLevelUp group! I am so excited to take the next level in my leadership, career, and personal journey. A big thank you to @torjo87 for organizing the program. #LatinxTechTwitter

Frances Coronel on LinkedIn: "Meet the first Latinx Level Up group! I am so excited to take the next level in my leadership, career, and personal journey. A big thank you to Josh Torres for organizing the program."

June 17, 2019: Frances Coronel posted images on LinkedIn

July 13 to 14 πŸ”—οΈŽ

Weekend retreat at Point Bonita

Frances Coronel on Twitter

I had an amazing time at the Latinx Level Up retreat this past weekend at Point Bonita. Everyone in the program brings so much to the table and I'm really excited to be a part of such a powerful Latinx in Tech network. Adelante! πŸ’› #LatinxLevelUp #Strive

Frances Coronel on LinkedIn: "More photos from the Latinx Level Up Retreat this past weekend. πŸŒ³β›°οΈπŸŒ‰ Featuring AndrΓ©a, Diana, Edgardo, Madelyn, Carolina, Michael, Lili, Kirsten, and Josh. ✨ #LatinxLevelUp #Strive You can find more info about the program here:"

July 16, 2019: Frances Coronel posted images on LinkedIn

Latinx Level Up Retreat

109 new photos Β· Album by Frances Coronel

August 10 πŸ”—οΈŽ

LTX Level Up Capacity Building: Writing w/ The Op-Ed Project at the Kapor Center

August 23 to 24 πŸ”—οΈŽ

Our Collective ERG Summit

A 2-day developmental summit designed to connect Black and Latinx ERG influencers using a holistic educational experience. Through interactive workshops, networking, mindfulness activities, and an awards ceremony, we will provide relevant resources to help you succeed in leading your ERG.

September 12 πŸ”—οΈŽ

Workshop at the Kapor Center

Frances Coronel on LinkedIn: "As part of the #LatinxLevelUp program, I participated in an oped writing workshop yesterday at the Kapor Center with a Carolina Perez by The OpEd Project and taught by Teresa Puente. πŸ“ I experimented with the prompt "Don't fuck with my time (or why you should hesitate before asking for something from someone you don't know)" but I may revisit that all together. πŸ˜‚ Overall, I had a great experience and I highly recommend the workshop to other women or people or color who would like to have their arguments and voices gain more visibility through the power of words. βœ’οΈ Shout out to the other participants as well - I enjoyed getting to know some of you better! πŸ’› Tiffany Price ΒΆ Josh Torres ΒΆ Lili Gangas ΒΆ Carolina Perez ΒΆ Edgardo Perez, Ed.M. ΒΆ Madelyn Tavarez ΒΆ Michael A. Urbina ΒΆ Jessenia Francisco ΒΆ Cynthia Duran ΒΆ Meghna Mahadevan ΒΆ Maria Antonia Hernandez"

August 11, 2019: Frances Coronel posted images on LinkedIn

Writing Workshop

October 8 to 11 πŸ”—οΈŽ

LTX Fest 2019

November (Self Guided) πŸ”—οΈŽ

  • Host a Jeffersonian style community dinner
  • Publish blog post
  • Volunteer

December 12 πŸ”—οΈŽ

Closeout dinner celebration at the Kapor Center

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