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Getting in touch.

Ask Me Anything 🤔ī¸

Just have a general question? Want career advice for free? Maybe you found a typo?

Feel free to submit a new issue/question through my AMA GitHub repo.

LinkedIn đŸ’ŧī¸

If you’d like to stay in touch professionally, don’t hesitate to connect with me on LinkedIn.

If you want career/mentoring advice, please refer to the details above.

Book a Chat 📅

If you’d like to set up a phone or video chat, you can use my Calendly to book a time with me.

Before booking a session, please be sure to refer to the pricing table below and pay the appropriate amount before the session if applicable.

If you are looking for technical help, you can message me on Codementor.

Rates đŸ’ĩ

Due to high demand, I’ve had to put a price point for some of the services I offer.

Session Type Hourly Rate
Freelance Writing \$30
General Technical Help (Codementor) \$40
General Career Advice/Mentoring \$50
General App/Product/Startup Review & Advice \$60
Freelance Design \$100
Freelance Development \$250
Speaking Engagements \$500*

*Price may change based on event type/size and this does not include travel/accommodation costs.

I accept payments through Venmo, Square Cash or PayPal.

Free Mentoring Sessions 💛ī¸

If you are a black female or Latina in the tech industry, you can book a mentoring session with me for free.

Contact Form đŸ“ŧ

If none of the above options seemed appropriate for you, feel free to go old school and use this nifty contact form!

Please note that depending on the contact reason, it may take longer for me to get back to you.