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Just have a general question? Maybe you found a typo?

Feel free to submit a new issue through my AMA GitHub repo.

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If you’d like to stay in touch professionally, don’t hesistate to connect with me on LinkedIn.

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If you’d like to set up a phone or video chat, you can use my Calendly to book a time with me.

Mentoring Sessions πŸ’›οΈ

Because of high demand, as of July 2018, I will be charging $60 per hour for mentoring or feedback sessions since I am already working part-time as a Thinkful mentor and also have a full-time job.

So before booking a mentoring session through Calendly, please make sure to Cash, PayPal or Venmo me the appropriate amount.

If you are a black female or Latina in the tech industry, you can book a mentoring session with me for free.

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If none of the above options seemed appropriate for you, feel free to go old school and use this nifty contact form!

Please note that depending on the contact reason, it may take longer for me to get back to you.