Tech Queens πŸ‘‘

Stories and advice shared by women of color in tech.

Tech Queens πŸ‘‘
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πŸŽ™οΈ 6 episodes planned so far


So after starting to listen to more tech podcasts, I realized a disappointing trend - most of the hosts were white guys. Overwhelmingly so.

But instead of deciding to complain about the lack of good tech podcasts with POC hosts, I instead decided to start my own.

Introducing Tech Queens, a podcast that focuses on stories and advice by women of color in tech.




In 2015, women made up 25 percent of computing-related occupations.

As Figure 1.1 indicates, levels of participation are even more concerning when it comes to women of color (NCWIT - Bureau of Labor, 2016).

In other words, if you are not a white woman - you’re a woman of color in tech and should share your story on Tech Queens!

Percentage of Computing Occupations Held By Women

The Host

Hi, I’m Frances!

I’m a Latina (Peruvian-American) who engineers solutions to make your working life more simple, more pleasant and more productive.

Or better yet, I’m a unicorn (1% of women in tech identify as Latina) who is working for another unicorn (Slack). πŸ¦„

You can find more deets on my about page.

Want to be on the podcast?

Email me at with the following items:

  • Name
  • Ethnic background
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter/Facebook/Instagram
  • Brief 1 to 2 sentence blurb on why you want to be on the podcast
  • A question you feel is relevant that you want to answer and is not going to be covered (see format section below)

Here’s a quick template to make it easy-peasy:

Frances Coronel

Latina (Peruvian-American)

I want to be on #TechQueens because XYZ...

I want to answer the question "Is there really a pipeline issue?"


  • Every 2 weeks on Monday at 12 pm
    • minus most holidays and weeks where I’m just too busy tbh πŸ˜‚



The format for each 1 hour session will look something like this:

  • What’s your story?
  • As a minority women in tech, what challenges or obstacles have you faced within the tech industry?
  • What groups, strategies or tools have you used to overcome those obstacles?
  • If you were a white man in tech, what do you think would be easier for you to deal with (if anything)?
  • If you could give any advice to your younger self as you were starting out, what would it be?
  • What do you think can be done to create a safer space for us?

Mini Takeaways

  • What is a useful app or platform that has helped you grow in your career? #AppAdvice
  • What does the term XYZ mean to you and how has it impacted your career? #LearnThatTerm
  • What is an organization or affinity group that you would recommend joining? #Friendlies
  • Where do you live online or how can people reach out to you? #GrowYourNetwork



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