Stories and advice shared by women of color in tech. πŸ‘‘πŸŽ™οΈ


Tech Queens is first and only podcast that focuses solely on the stories and advice shared by women of color in tech. πŸŽ™οΈπŸ‘‘ πŸ”—οΈŽ

Update 3/14/20 Tech Queens is being discontinued after 1 year of recording episodes. I’m focusing on my work with Techqueria. If you’re interested in taking it over, feel free to reach out.

πŸ’¬ Why did I start this podcast? πŸ”—οΈŽ

So after listening to a lot of tech podcasts and not hearing enough people like me talking, I decided to just start my own instead of complaining about it!

Introducing Tech Queens, the first and only podcast I know of that will solely focus on the stories and advice shared by women of color in tech. #TechQueens

The very first episode was released March 8th for International Women’s Day so it’s still very much in its early stages which is why I am currently looking for interviewees that are working in the tech industry.

πŸ’› Who is this podcast for? πŸ”—οΈŽ

In 2015, women made up 25 percent of computing-related occupations.

As Figure 1.1 (page 8 in the report) below indicates, levels of participation are even more concerning when it comes to women of color.

This stat is just one part of the reason this podcast will exclusively serve to highlight thriving women of color in tech and inspire or encourage others to enter the industry and thrive themselves so they too can leverage their unique skills and perspectives for technological innovation and social change in the workplace of the future.

Percentage of Computing Occupations Held By Women

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